SS2: history panel improvements

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Suggestion (SS): 2 Classification: HISTORY PANEL

PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 9-10 in a scala 1 (low) - 10 (high)


First of all, i need to say that history is much MUCH better compared to chrome. thank you!

now about improvement you need to do:

1) like i wrote in SS1 you need to add drag drop to desktop (export option) like safari. so you generate for each link a file.

2) please check and try it and implement something similar to edge. this is able to search all links related to a specific domain. so if i click 


imgur, you should show me all links related to imgur

at the moment it works only with 



3) a way to search for domain like site:imgur or other option.

4) same for search from x to y (date)



for other dates a way to collapse it, like safari. i simply see 04.09, 05.09, 06.09 then i could select 06.09 or all 3 folder and once i drag drop to desktop you create the same folder structure in finder (if 3 date are selected) or you save all links inside 1 folder

6) a way to search title include xxx but text word is not yyy (or title is xx, text is yy date is zz-eee in pubmed style)

7) a way to export history and import to another edge account (=merge function)

8) same like 2 but for date 


if i search xxx and i get 3.09, i should be able to see all url from 3.09.

9) add ability to select 5 url and drop to tab

10)  add ability that if i select 5 url and click open in tabs, you deselect immediately after

11) or like 10, but instead of deselect, you delete it

12) add a sort of session feature inside /history where i can drop x files to a temporary folder (not on bookmarks)

13) if i cmd c from history and cmd v to bookmarks, you should add the links

14) same like 13 if i drag drop

15) same like 13 for collections

16) same like 15 if i drag drop


and yes for all other people history sync xD


You can find this suggestion on Chromium too: CHECKLATER*

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From end 2020-10 all suggestions are written on both Edge and Chrome at the same time, suggestions before 2020-10 are available only on Chrome.


*to avoid a ban from Google, I submit only limited post pro week.

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@edgesuggestions Thanks for the great feedback! Stay tuned for some updates with how history is managed in Microsoft Edge in the near future; I think you'll like them.


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History and drag & drop. doesn't make sense.
the order of the History should stay intact, which is based on time and date.

@HotCakeX if you don't use something doesn't mean the suggestion doesn't make any sense. you simply don't have the need or you don't understand the reason behind the suggestion.


i never talked about changing order of history ... 


PS: useful comments contains even a reason/description. yes (because if you want), no because, yes and no because, why do you need it? (if you don't see a reason), etc. with maybe some context about your usage if needed and which type of user you are. I don't write which type of user i'm in the post every time, because it should be clear "not average user, that spends even 10+ hours/day browsing research, data, etc. on multiple browser with multiple account and multiple profiles on multiple mac and multiple mac user" (i wrote that on my introduction post too). these are all limitation i see again and again on multiple browser. if more reason are needed for a specific suggestion, i can provide it. i don't explain every single suggestions, otherwise the post would be 3x longer. if needed i can provide additional priority for each suggestion after request. i generally wrote priority for all suggestions, this doesn't mean all 30 suggestions inside the post have same priority, maybe some are 1-3 other instead 7-9. priority is just a new way i started to implement, so that devs can have an idea of the priority of a specific topic. Plus priority depends from the mentality of how other user use the browser, and from the mentality of each devs. Again this is just my priority suggestions.

PS2: no context was written too, because history and drag drop to bookmark, is not the same like d-d to collections or to desktop or .... it's always drag drop, but the goal behind that is different. 


Is like when i write "i don't like side tabs": this doesn't mean this feature doesn't have sense at all. it's simply that such feature has no good points if you want to do things quickly in a specific workflow. i still understand the reason of using this too (at the end the are some pro, and i use opera neon too, which has the same feature, just with a different design). all features generally have + and -, and maybe some + are good for specific workflow, other instead for other workflows. if i wrote "i don't like ..." i mean such suggestions are not a solution for extreme usage (but it could be still be useful in other less aggressive usage or workflows that need such feature), or for workflow that i continuosly use (maybe they can be less aggressive too).


same for new favourite button. i don't like it because in my opinion doesn't give us additional benefits (especially because such feature create conflict with previous feature and is huge limit at the moment). this doesn't mean the feature is **bleep**ty. to be correct on specific profile on other user i use a similar extension which offers use better option. the point here is that edge should fix the conflict, then for me it doesn't make any difference. if i need to use it, i activate the button, if not, i deactivate the button. 


problems start when devs force user to follow a new feature, that is simply a limitation and a downgrade (example remotion of chrome://flags/#extensions-toolbar-menu in google*). for all other feature if edge offer it or not it's ok, important is avoid conflicts with previous features (or add an alternative way to fix it)


i wrote that, just to make it clear once at all, so that i don't need to write it again and again or to avoid that we get always conflicts (it seems this happen with you in different comments).


* to be correct such feature implemented per default would be useful in vivaldi (no matter which workflow i use, due to the horrible vivaldi extension manager and sync / library files generated problems that they offer. here another example of how features have both + and -. there is another browser with a similar horrible extension manager too, without considering safari (but is not chromium based). why this is not good in google is not a topic of this post, i already wrote such reasons to google and opera devs.

I have read it, and I still think it doesn't make sense to change chronologically arranged web history in Edge.
also, the way these texts are written, probably a translator, distorts the content and meaning of them. you might want to look into that for future posts.