SS1 smart keyboard - tabs - collections drag drop management + smart download / bookmarks / history

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Suggestion (SS): 1 Classification: DATAHOARDING - MANAGEMENT - BACKUP

PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 6 in a scala 1 (low) - 10 (high)


If we open x image on x tabs and then we select all such x tab, edge should:

1) download image to desktop if for example i drag the tabs (not single image!) to desktop with option clicked

2) create alias if i do the same with cmd option activate 

3) allow to move such tabs inside another tabs with ctrl clicked. this mean i select 100 tabs with photos, i click ctrl i move to a tab google drive and you upload all photos to google drive once i drop to their website.

4) you could even implement something similar if i click for example cmd and i move these tab to collections, in such case you add it.

5) if for example i copy cmd c 50 links on apple note, and then i paste it with a specific shortcut like alt cmd v or even other shortcuts... you should open 50 tabs with all urls. 

6) if you detect a link for example, you automatically download the jpg (if the option auto download file type is active). same for pdf, etc. to avoid chaos i think you should only allow such feature for specific website. otherwise you download all image; in such case you could use a script or extension to download all new images opened in tab, which is not the goal of the suggestion. you should maybe download all pdf, but only specific jpeg or png. 

7) smart download all image if i add x images in collections.

8)same like 7) to download all links inside a folder in bookmarks (if for example this folder contains 100x imgur photo links). now i always talk about imgur, but is just an example. so we just select the folder, right click and download

9) another option is that if i select the all 3 tabs with imgur photos and then i select the image on tab 3 and drag drop this to desktop, you should export all 3 photos and not only the last (because at the end all 3 tabs are selected and contains only 1 photo).

10) export bookmark to desktop with drag drop like safari

11) same for my history - check SS2





at the moment if i click cmd, ctrl, option you simply revert the action, so you bring the tab to the original position.



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