Spell check not working on latest Canary 101.0.1198.0

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Hi there,

with the latest Edge Canary (101.0.1198.0) the spell check for languages other than the ones installed in the Windows OS doesn't work anymore. 
edge://settings/languages tells me "Spell check dictionary download failed" for all these additional languages. Anyone else having the same problems?
The dictionary files from Hunspell like "en-US-9-0.bdic" are still in "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application\Dictionaries", it just seems Canary won't use them anymore. 

I also have Stable and Dev installed on the same machine, they both work fine with spell checking. 

In addition I noticed that Google Chrome Canary uses newer dictionary files, e.g. "en-US-10-1.bdic", could it be that Edge Canary struggles with their new 2-digit version number?


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Same ""Spell check dictionary download failed" error on Ubuntu, updated to 101.0.1210.2 no change. .config/microsoft-edge-dev/Dictionaries/ still contains "en-US-9-0.bdic"