Speed dial improvements for Edge

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In the Dev version of Edge, you can add eight sites on the Speed Dial (new tab page). However,


1. you cannot edit the names of the sites

2. power users like myself would want more than 8 sites. You should allow users to add sites on two rows or more, not just one row.


Please add the possibility to name sites, and to add multiple rows of sites.

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Thank you @Ciprian Rusen for your feedback.  I have captured it for the team that owns the new tab experience.  This may be a poor substitute, but in the meantime, you can add more than 8 sites to the OnStartup behavior: edge://settings/onStartup


@Ciprian Rusen 


Another option available now is to go to Settings, Extensions and activate the option to install extensions from other stores.  Then go to the Chrome Web Store and install Simple Speed Dial.


I did this on mine and it works just as it does in Chrome.  It becomes the New Tab Page.


It would be nice if this functionality gets built into the new Edge but until then this works well.


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@Ciprian Rusen  One More Thing, Add Folders for organize sites.

@Elliot Kirk Yeah people should be able to add as many tabs to the startpage as they like..... I have currently 28 tabs pinned to my startscreen in Opera. It's sad it's not possible in Edge (yet).

@Ciprian Rusen at least 16 sites 

Are there any plans this feature is going to be implemented any time soon?
I'm wondering how dev-team come up with 8 tabs being sufficient.
Perhaps 10 years ago it would ok to have only 8 tabs but in my opinion it's not sufficient in modern nowadays browsers.
Installing extension is not an option because it replaces some of the new build in features when opening a new tab.
Probably like many others, I also would like to have a kind of Speed Dial (natively from MS) being similar to the very user friendly one in Opera.