Some YouTube videos only play audio, no video, in Edge v116

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There is an issue in the Edge 116 stable-release with some YouTube videos.


Some videos that used to play without-issue in the 115 release no-longer work in the 116 release: the audio on such videos will play, but not the video.  Even most adverts on YouTube are affected!


Here is an example video: 

("5 Monster Waves Caught On Camera" by "Underworld")


Here you can see that video in the latest Edge and Firefox browsers:





The "stats for nerds" YouTube feature reports the following codecs for that video:

    Edge: av01.0.04M.08 (397) / opus (251)
Firefox: av01.0.01M.08 (396) / opus (251)


And I am using the following software-versions:

        Edge: 116.0.1938.62 (Official build) (64-bit)

    Firefox: 117.0 (non-ESR) x64

Windows: 10 Home 22H2 x64 (Build 19045.3324)




I have already tried turning "Use hardware acceleration when available" off, and restarting Edge, but it made no-difference.  I then turned it back on, but it made no-difference.


In edge://flags I have tried turning "Hardware-accelerated video decode" to Disabled, but it made no-difference.  Neither did changing "Choose ANGLE graphics backend" to "D3D9" (which I read on another site to try).

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I've just tested today and of the eight videos YouTube displayed by-default, only three of them work in Edge (video and audio).  All eight worked fine when I tested them in Firefox.



Key: green-tick = videos fully-working in Edge; red-X = videos play as audio-only


The videos that DO work are encoded as one of the following:

• vp09. (247) / mp4a.40.2 (140)

• vp09. (247) / opus (251)


The videos that DO NOT work are all encoded as follows:

• av01.0.05M.08 (398) / opus (251)


I'm guessing "av01" refers to the new "AV1" format, and it's that which is broken?


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but its not broken in other main browsers including Firefox. When will edge prove it better than others including Firefox?

First bit of media-coverage I've seen of this issue, on a site called PiunikaWeb: 

Thanks for letting us know about the problem you're encountering.

We believe we have addressed the issue via an Edge configuration update.

Please let us know if the issue goes away after restarting Edge. If a single browser restart doesn't address it, please wait ~30 seconds after launching and restart the browser one more time to ensure you pick up the configuration change.

@Erik_Anderson Yes, that seems to have addressed the issue, thanks -- though I wonder if the workaround is ideal?


Following the change, it appears Edge is simply forcing AV1 format-videos to be sent in VP9 format to users on older-hardware (rather than doing software-decoding of AV1, as Firefox does -- refer to the "Codecs" line):



Given that Alphabet have said their plan is to move all new videos on YouTube to be in AV1 format only, won't this workaround make such future videos inaccessible in Edge?


Was forcing VP9 format the way Edge v115 used to operate, also?



I was experiencing the same issue using Microsoft Edge Version 116.0.1938.62 (Official build) (64-bit)

I checked for updates and now I have Microsoft Edge Version 116.0.1938.69 (Official build) (64-bit)

Installing this update seems to have resolved the issue.