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My english might be poor. hope understand.

Here's some pieces of advise which might improve the accessibility of Edge in my view


1. add Mouse Gesture , like some .crx on chrome(as you can see in appendix). hope it could be a built-in function

2. Allow using  mouse wheel to switch between tabs and add the preview of tab when mouse cursor on this tab. it will be nice.


looking for reply 


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1. This is a quote from developers:


"On a related note, we’d like to share our thinking about feedback that you’d like to see support for “mouse gestures” in the new Microsoft Edge. This feature would allow users to perform basic to advanced browser functions through simple gestures with the mouse. In the previous Microsoft Edge we supported mouse gestures through an extension that was authored by Microsoft, but we don’t think that we’ll need to do the same for the new Microsoft Edge because there are existing Chromium-compatible mouse gesture extensions. Today our extensions store opened for new submissions, and we expect that one or more of these existing extensions will be submitted to our store by their owners. If this doesn’t happen, we’ll reconsider our approach. In the meantime, users can install Chromium-compatible extensions from other stores. See our help article for instructions on how to do this."


Not Planned

Support mouse gestures for common actions like navigation and tab close

13 weeks


2. Tab Preview - Discussion


Scrolling on the Edge Tabstrip sounds good, I use it a lot on Firefox.