Some suggestions for edge as a Chinese

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First of all, I'm glad that Microsoft can make such a wonderful browser. I expect that the market share will beat chrome soon, because Chrome is too arrogant. As a Chinese, I am well aware of the huge number of users in the Chinese market. If Microsoft can pay attention to the needs of the Chinese, I believe the Chinese will soon use the new edge. From what I have observed, let me talk about what Chinese people need. I can guarantee that is true. First, just use the left mouse button to open favorites in the new tab. This function is very necessary. I know that you can use the middle mouse button, or use the CTRL + left mouse button or other methods, but Chinese people like to use only one left mouse button. If you don't want to add a switch, you can add the  settings to  chrome://flags In. Second, double-click to close the tab. If this function is added, with the promotion of Chinese media, the number of Chinese users will rise sharply. You may think that this function will bring misoperation. Of course, you can still only use the chrome://flags Add the relevant settings in. I think the above functions are too simple for Microsoft. Of course, the Chinese don't need the following functions very much, but it's better to add them. For example, 1. Mouse gesture, 2. Provide a separate button to quickly restore the closed tab, 3. Optimize font rendering. Finally, I hope Microsoft will seriously consider my suggestions. After all, chrome will never be able to do these functions. Chinese people have placed their hopes on Microsoft Edge.

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I hope Microsoft can consider my suggestions
if you haven't already, use the feedback button on Edge to submit your suggestions and if more people want the same things (as you are saying), they have to submit feedback too from their Edge browsers, so developers can get a good measure that how many people want a feature.

press Edge's (...) menu button => Help and feedback => Send feedback

also, flags are just temporary experiments, they expire.
and chrome has none of those features, yet it managed to get a lot of market share.
Thank you. I've sent feedback. Although chrome ranks first in the world, its market share in China is not high. I really hope edge can add these functions. After all, Chinese people understand Chinese people, haha

I think the reason chrome is not popular in China is in part due to google and their services such as browser sync, not available in China and blocked by the great firewall.

but you can still access Edge, Microsoft services and sync without a proxy or VPN.

I don't think synchronization is a priority. As you know, the number of Windows used in China is unimaginable, and the new version of edge has been built into the new windows . I think the authorities really need to consider the needs of Chinese users. Other browsers, such as Vivaldi, cent browser , firebox .etc, provide options or experimental properties to support the two most desired functions I mentioned. I'm not asking edge to reserve only one option. I think edge should give users the right to choose and add a toogle. These functions are not fancy, and are many suggestions from users.

@kinmferFirst of all, as a chinese,i agree with you.As you said, if Microsoft can pay attention to the needs of the Chinese, I believe that the market share will beat chrome soon.

That's strange that you're saying Chinese people don't care much about keeping their bookmarks/favorites, passwords, collections, history, extensions, autofill data easily accessible, safe and use them on other devices.

as an example, Edge Linux currently doesn't have sync and many people are asking for it to be added.
I'm not saying that those things you suggested aren't important, not talking about them at all.
just saying that, when a service is blocked in your country, it makes it harder for people to use it. (Google services)
I hope those features you suggested get implemented.
I agree with you, but maybe you have misunderstood what I mean. I'm not saying that synchronization is not important. While Chinese browsers have synchronization functions, they have also added a lot of useful functions, which are followed by advertisements. As a user who likes simplicity, I selected edge, so I hope that edge can add these features to defeat Chinese browsers and chrome. From my observation, because Microsoft services will not be banned in China, many users in China have switched from chrome to edge. However, there are also a large number of people who have been on the sidelines because they are accustomed to the features I mentioned before, so I hope that Microsoft will pay more attention to the needs of Chinese users because China’s user base is really huge. Thanks for your reply.