Some questions about the Task Manager & WebView 2 Integration in Windows 11

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Hey there, hope you are doing great!

I started flighting the Insider builds of Windows 11 a few days back & noticed the Integrations that Edge team built. The team has done a wonderful job at this. 


I had some questions related to the same:


- In Task Manager, I see the Processes of Stable & Canary Channel merged into one group, Is Edge stable connected with Edge Canary or just the Task Manager integration bug? Most probably it looks like a bug to me.
- Currently Widgets open the WebView2 process which makes Teams chat & Edge Stable launch faster (no startup boost enabled in Edge Stable). I get the point about Teams chat since it is also based on WebView 2, so are the resources shared bw Edge stable & WebView instances?
- Is the WebView 2 another instance of Edge Stable, since it makes Edge stable open faster? 


Some responses or resources would be appreciated. Thank you!

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