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Me as an English language learner, I'm used to read PDF files every day.

I'm using now the classic Edge due to its PDF features. As an English learner, I need the dictionary all the time, so inline-definition is very useful for me and I'm using it all the time. When Microsoft announced the new version of Edge I was waiting eagerly to see what it may add to the PDF reader. But unfortunately, I'm surprised that it even doesn't contain the feature that I use in my daily bases.

So,  I wonder whether you will add the classic Edge dictionary or not?

Also, I really loved the new immersive reader and its online voices, but till now it's not enabled for PDF file. I hope it will be enabled as soon as possible because it helps me a lot.

Furthermore, I suggest another feature it would be awesome if you add it. Recently, you added an option which enables you to open any paragraph in the immersive reader, I really loved this option. But why you didn't enable this feature for PDF files? It will be a great thing to have such a clear reading view if your PDF file was not good. I have some old books in PDF so it would be useful if I can open it in a clear view.

I hope you will put these suggestions in your consideration because they will help me a lot!

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@YusifJasim hello, 

Glad you raised your feedback for the PDF Reader in Edge.

Happy to tell you that Read Aloud for PDF files is available now. I received it recently in the Canary builds.

The dictionary feature is certainly helpful one and can be added into the builds. Can we have a look at the inline dictionary feature please @Deleted @MissyQ ?


I agree. Being a student myself, I simply miss many of the great features Microsoft Edge legacy has. The inline dictionary is a great feature.




The option to open selected text in immersive reader for PDF files is also missing, as you stated. I really wish Microsoft would add it to the new Edge.

It is a good thing that Microsoft has brought inking features for PDF files to the new Edge. However, the ability to ink on webpages is still missing.


So let's hope Microsoft looks into this matter.

Meanwhile, you should try this extension at the Microsoft Edge Addons Store:

This extension does the exact same thing. It requires an internet connection, though. Here's a screenshot of it working on my PC:-


Inline definitionInline definition

@Rohit Yadav Thanks for your reply.
Till now I didn't get Read Aloud for PDF files :(
I just want news from Microsoft ensures that they are working on the dictionary feature and I'll wait :(


Thanks for sharing the extension with us, I'm using now Google Dictionary, though it lacks a lot of features such as phonetic transcription and many other features...
I think Microsoft can do something better than these extensions. So, we have to wait until they reveal their plans for it.


Yeah I have used Google Dictionary and it works similarly. As you said, Microsoft can do much better than these extensions. I hope they officially reply to this conversation soon. Let's see.