Some of my thoughts about Microsoft Edge

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I enjoy using the new browser and hope it will be in a new gospel in the browser world

(I apologize for any spelling errors, since English is not my native language)


But there are some things I would like to improve.
Here are some examples:


Reduce earnings in the Favorites bar

When I open the Favorites bar, it opens too wide and fills me most of the screen, I would be happy if they would have made it narrower


Here's an example of what I mean


Translation of search results

After searching, I can't translate the search results page.
This difficulty appears on many other sites.


Reading mode

When you turn on read mode, after translation, the text should be right to left, Instead the text gets left to right.


Edge Settings Links

It would be very helpful if you could make links to edge://flags instead of typing all the settings in the address bar Like https://edge://flags


Downloading files from Gimail

Almost always, when I download files from Gmail, especially PDF, the file names change to download(1) download(2) download(3) and so on rather than keeping the original file name, and which is very difficult to find later in the folder.


Thanks for the platform, and hope these issues are addressed or at least received attention ...






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Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback and feature requests.


I know the engineering team is definitely looking into some of these features right now.


Not sure if you did already, but submitting this through the browsers feedback system is very helpful also. Its the Smiley Face on the top right corner of the browser.


Thanks again,