Some bugs and suggestions with the latest versions (Canary)

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1 - Since the .340 version, when I click on the button Restart (changes of an option in edge://flags/)
the browser closes but does not reopen (the Edge process is still running in the task manager)


2 - Possible to re-put the option to disable the immersive reader (as it was before) in edge://flags/ (or in edge://policy/ )

Easy to set up and everyone is happy :smile: 


3 - If "Browsing history" in edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose is enable, it causes the bug to have about:blank page when we open Edge before having the requested web page (shortcut, start page, clickable link, etc ...)


If the browser is already open, and I open a web page from a shortcut, clickable link from software, etc... I have the requested page directly in new tab (no about:blank)


4 - Always display bugs in text frames or clickable buttons of some sites




Thanks for your great work

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I've experiencing the first issue too (I thought it was only my system acting up).
enabled some flags but had to manually reopen the browser.

Windows 10 insider
Version 80.0.341.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)



Only "restart" it is fixed with Canary 344


about the 2nd one, it's not an issue, Microsoft finally decided to roll out immersive reader mode to everyone by default, just like in Edge classic.
features only stay in flags temporarily, after the tests are done and they are ready, Microsoft adds them by default to the browser.

on startup settings edge://settings/onStartup , which one is selected?

4th, I'm also seeing it on latest canary.



Thanks for the clarification


For the immersive reader, nothing is planned in the registry or policy to disable it (Chrome always this option) ?

And in flags, we can disable reading aloud, but not the reader, it's weird


For the 3rd (about: blank) I have the start page of my ISP
But I have this problem too when I click on a shortcut. But no problem if Edge is already open.
It looks like Edge is slowed down when I open the web page and it has appeared since some versions and Canary




Google chrome has a very basic reading mode, called distilled web contents


Annotation 2019-11-28 082441.png


Annotation 2019-11-28 083425.png




Always points 2, 3 and 4 with the latest version of CanaryCa would be nice if it could be "quickly" corrected, it's a little painful

How is immersive reader painful?



The icon in the address bar :smile:
Having the choice to have it or not would be better


And I find this 351 less fast (less fluid)

in Edge classic it would appear on the compatible pages too, so nothing changed.
it's just a small button



Yes of course, but I got used to not having it with old versions of Canary :hearteyes:

Always the problems and "bugs" with the latest version of Canary (81.0.366)
I do not know if the MS staff saw these requests and if they intend to resolve them or not

You'll get used to it ;)

@tistou Thanks for bringing those points with Canary to our attention! We'd love to get a better understanding of them, so it would be great if you can answer the following:


2 - Can you tell us more about when and how it would be helpful to have immersive reader disabled?

3 & 4 - Hmmm, interesting. Do you have access to Chrome Canary, and if so, do you encounter the same issues with about: blank and the lack of a "text" cursor?


And thank you, @HotCakeX, for your troubleshooting assistance on this thread and the other.


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Thanks so much for your interest in this topic


2) I asked if it was possible to re-put the option in edge://flags to disable the immersive reader (as it was before)

There is always the option to disable the grammar of the immersive reader, but not the reader


3) No problem with Google Chrome (and no problem with Edge Chromium 79.0.309 that I recently re-tested)


4) No problem with Google Chrome (and no problem with the old version of Canary, before the .300 if I remember correctly)


Thanks so much

@tistou Thanks for your fast response. That's all good to know and I'll loop back with @MissyQ@josh_bodner, and the rest of the team to dig deeper into this.


Please let us know if you notice anything else similar!



Thanks for your help
I like this browser and only use this one





I tested the latest version of Edge Beta (79.0.309.54), same problem for the #4 (text frames) but it's ok for the #3 (about:blank)


If it can help you



For #2 (immersive reader), there was that before in edge://flags




If these options can be re put



@tistou I'm glad to hear that the about:blank page has resolved! The flag for immersive reader disappearing is by design, we usually remove a flag once the feature is stable enough to be turned on for good. Can you tell us more about how having it again would be helpful? 


And the devs wanted to know if you had tried #4 in Chrome Canary? (Their Stable runs several months behind, so it's not always as helpful with diagnostic testing.)




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