SOLVED Sync: strange behavior between devices

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I have installed Edge Stable (88.0.705.50) and Canary (89.0.773.0) both on the notebook and on a PC. I have noticed strange behavior for several months now: the sync between browsers and devices is strange. For example, when I see Tabs From Other Devices on the Edge Stable on the notebook, the Edge Canary tabs on the PC are displayed, and vice versa. And the Edge Canary on the Notebook displays the Edge Stable tabs on the PC, and vice versa.
This happens with all items that are synchronized.

EDIT: I use the same profile on all of them.

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I think this should be normal, it says tabs from other "devices", not other "Edge browsers".
you only have 2 devices, not 4.



Mystery solved. I had an installation of Edge Stable on my brother's notebook, which he is no longer using. And on that Edge browser I had two profiles. I didn't even remember it anymore, I think it was a year since I did it, lol...

I deleted that second profile, and from then on everything is perfectly synchronized, in all installed browsers, and in the different versions (Stable , Dev, Canary...), the extensions that I add or remove from one are automatically applied in all other Edge browsers, as are changes in the bookmarks bar, etc.