[SOLVED] Sound is missing in MS Edge Dev in Linux

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Sound is missing in MS Edge Dev in Linux. Media autoplay is allowed.

Version 89.0.760.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

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Sound works well with Firefox and Opera 

Update it to 89.0.767.0 which is the latest Dev version


Updated it to 89.0.767.0, but sound is still not there. Rebooted too.


OK, I found the solution to the problem. In Settings>Audio Volume Settings>Audio>Appllications, MSedge dev was muted as a playback streaming app. 

No idea how it happened.   

lol i wanted to suggest it first but i thought you already covered the basics


I have no idea, how that had happened, for when I closed the laptop yesterday, I was listening to YT music, but in the morning, sound was gone. Are you using Linux, by the way?

it's okay, i use Windows, can't imagine using Linux and still keep doing everything I do everyday.


Its the apps we use to get things done, and the operating system should stay out of the way. I use Windows too, but tired of the continued nagging. :)