[SOLVED] Really serious battery drain on Android

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Edge is always using 2 cores of my 2.91 GHz CPU on Android, no tabs open. Battery is draining really fast. I'm sad that a quick search on /r/MicrosoftEdge reveals there is so many people with the same problem for the last months... The usual fix is starting from scratch, but I installed it yesterday, or disabling sync, but isn't sync the most useful feature of a mobile browser?


I'm writing this here because sending a bug report through the "Send comments" menu item doesn't open any dialog.


Edge Dev crashes on Microsoft login, and Canary doesn't open at all. Unfortunately, I'll have to use something else on Android :(

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Alas I have also had to remove it from my android Samsung s10+ otally drains my battery. Let me know wehn this issue is fixed microsoft.
Beta seems to be good now.