Snap-To option for mouse pointer

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As a (very) long time laptop user, I always enable the Snap-To option for the mouse pointer. Over the years programs that do not support this function stick in my memory for this lack.


Any chance this feature could be supported in upcoming releases of Edge? Even with a physical mouse plugged in it is a real ease-of-use plus.


An example would be the 'clear all' button in the Downloads tab (ctrl-j). Having the mouse pointer snap to the button would be nice.


I don't mean to sound nit-picky, it's just hard to find any faults with the browser.


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Would you mind elaborate more on this feature?

Do you have special key on mouse and set it to do it?

How you used to configure this setting?

I am curious about how this functionality works and you may suggest it using feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

I'll attach a screenshot of the feature...@Reza_Ameri-Archived 

Thank you @OldJim1958 for the screenshot and it was very valuable.

You have to share this through Feedback menu in Microsoft Edge.

Thanks, will do. @Reza_Ameri-Archived