Smartscreen and system DNS query [BUG ?, LEAK ?, NORMAL ?]

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Hey, i have tested (with yogadns (who list the Dns actually called)) the Dns over https of edge, and when SmartScreen protection is enabled (in edge), some Dns query pass by the plain Dns of the system, is it a normal behavior or a BUG ?


If it's a bug where i can report it ?



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@Wittycat Thanks for reaching out and reporting this! It sounds like you might be encountering a bug, so we'd love it if you could submit detailed feedback and diagnostics through our in-browser tool, that would be great. You can do that by holding down Shift+Alt+I or going to the "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback. Additionally, can you confirm how you determined that you're still getting traffic over http?

Tagging in @Eric_Lawrence to see if he has any insight.

Fawkes (they/them)
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i will redo the test with the dev version and the stable one and report it if (after the update you have done since), the problem is always here.