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you probably know pinterest



the same overlay button should be available inside edge. this means reverse search of a frame inside a video or a photo happens immediately, without need to right click or other. 


you maybe could implement this with:

1) add part of the picture in collections

2) download image (like suggested previously)

3) open image in full size

4) search only part of the image (like pinterest)

5) upload to imgur or other service

6) send to reddit or other social

7) save to onedrive (like suggested previously)

8)add to bookmark

9) search inside a specific site with personalized %s (like adobe stock, shutterstock, google reverse, etc.)

10) ...

11) you can even do it better (but maybe more complex too), by telling me this is xxxx and check social account xxxx or linkedin/.. account yyy, maybe even showing related video, photos (that are not similar to the original photo).


you can even show 2+ button (better solution), 1 only for download (available for files/pdf etc too), 1 for reverse search (where we find 1-9 options too)


the reverse search should include:

1) search same image with other dimension

2) search similar images


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