Small long-standing PDF problems (and some suggestions)

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Here's my list of PDF problems (and suggestions) that I think needs attention:

  • Selecting (or highlighting) a part of text including a line ending in a broken word with hyphen, results in selecting of the whole line and the line after. This runs me mad when I want to highlight a sentence while studying to find out that Edge is highlighting a part of sentence before and another part after the sentence I want. In this image, I've just selected "graduated". Also, note that there is no space between the two lines as it happens in normal lines.MSDarwish_0-1641413141901.png


  • The Selection square itself needs more refinement as it needs more padding around the text especially vertically.
  • After cancelling read aloud, the current page is read as 0
  • Using read aloud in a large PDF (like a textbook) in a page after 500 or so  stays loading forever even if I'm only interested in a single page or even paragraph. sometimes pressing play again may help but most probably it will start reading from page 1 instead
  • Read aloud should identify headers and footers and avoid repeating them on each page or even always avoid them. Also, it sometimes read invisible text at margins of pages
  • Sometimes, lines are partially trimmed or misaligned and adjusts itself after clicking on the line (weird glitch)
  • If definitions in Define functionality includes a link to another word definition, the link doesn't appear at all. For example instead of defining visited as "the past form of visit" it appears as "the past form of"
  • Pen functionality needs a lot of refinement to be in par with the old Edge. This includes pressure sensitivity and using the right click button on the pen to select text by just dragging over it with the quick options appearing afterward.
  • It would be nice to give the command bar a fluent touch with floating elevated acrylic appearance while unpinned like the old Edge.

I've reported most of them in the new feedback portal with no response or action for a while.

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No response as usual, as expected
The first problem you mentioned also drives me crazy. Really hope they can pay attention and fix this issue.