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Everytime i need to setup a new installation of Edge from the channels in the subject (yes i format a lot of times. lol) i download the setup file and it's really fast. When i start the setup process it takes around 1 hour or more to get the install done, when the setup doesn't fail. Is anyone experiencing this ? Thanks in advance.

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what's your Internet speed and OS build?


not the best connection in the world but i play without problems online with XboxOne and i watch Netflix and YouTube without problems... Only the Edge setup is always slow :( Windows Build is 1903 (18362.20)



Your speed is lower than average tbh (11.7 Mbps / 8 = 1.4 MB/s)
but your Ping is good which is important for online gaming


You can try a couple of things,

first you can update your Windows 10 to the latest version, which is 1909, using Windows update or this site:



also you can change your DNS to Cloudflare's:


once you do that, run this command in an elevated Powershell:


IPconfig /Flushdns



there is also another command to run to reset more than just DNS: (again in an elevated Powershell) (computer restart required after running it)



netsh int ip reset




lastly here is a guide for another method you can try to improve your download speed in Windows 10.


(p.s elevated powershell = run powershell as Admin)



i know my connection sucks, i live in the countryside of my town ... as i said before everything works fine for me but i will try your kind suggestion, i formatted my pc today so i am still getting updates .. i will also change DNS on my router and see how it goes but so far, Xbox live, streaming services and usual downloads works fine ... it's just Edge that is slow and sometimes i got a failure on the setup. I'll follow your guide as soon as i am back from work, thanks for helping!

Of course :)