Slow and glitchy

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Hey everyone,

I noticed on Edge and Beta edge that is is glitching as heck. It just is not loading, it hogs cache and my RAM and memory. 
I do not have Insider on my desktop
I have updated it fully and is a core i5 7th gen. Which is very fast.
I am currently using chrome although when I look at Edge and Beat edge, they have lots of errors and issues. 
Please work on a update that will make it fast and reliable.
Otherwise you will start losing people who use Edge.
I know you would not like that, right?
Below is the screenshot on how much issues you currently have on edge. Errors too.

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That screenshot shows you are using kids mode, other than that doesn't show much about problems you are describing.
it is fast and reliable on my new and 10 years old laptop. need more details about "not loading" and "hops cache and RAM".

not loading means can't connect to the Internet? how much RAM Edge uses? screenshot of Task manager? on what web pages does this problem happen on?

what OS version are you using?
It takes 648mb of my RAM, almost 1GB. I got 5G internet. I am not on Kids mode. It shows " Oh snap! " Always. I got 1 TB of storage now. Just added in more storage. I am using windows 10 build 19042.928.