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Hi folks, I have a UI suggestion. See screenshot.


There are lots of site permission settings for each website.


The list of permission labels are  are too far from the dropdowns making it difficult to determine which dropdown goes with which label. Making matter worse, the vertical midpoint of label doesn't look like it's the vertical midpoint of the dropdown (see images option in example).


3 ways of fixing it:

1. Make the dropdowns closer to the text, improving function, but will most likely make it look unorganized vertically. Alternatively dropdowns can be moved to the left of the text labels to improve look.

2. Add a thin faint line/dots(...) that connects text label to the dropdown (images in example). This can be between choices too (notifications in example).

3. Increase padding between choices.


Thank you.


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@ainstushar Thanks for reaching out and providing us feedback on that. Unfortunately, the attachment didn't come through, can you please try resending it?


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