Site installed as an application is not in full screen mode

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hello @Deleted

I installed the netflix website as an application, but when trying to put a video in full screen, it doesn't stay in full screen because of the bar.
I performed the test with youtube and the bar does not appear in full screen

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@eguif I have not been able to reproduce this. I installed YouTube and then started watching a video, pressed the button on the video to go to fullscreen, and I see that working as expected.


Did you do something different from that? What build are you on?



Hello @johnjansen 
I tested it on youtube and it works correctly.

I tested it on Netflix and it doesn't work
The image I attached shows the bar that prevents netflix from going to full screen.


My version is Microsoft Edge Dev 84.0.522.5

@eguif ah yes, I see what you mean now. That black bar should not be showing up at all, that's a bug. What happens is that when you install netflix, the URL says "" or something similar, and when you click to play the video, the URL is something like "" and we think it's out of scope. That black bar is meant to warn you that you are navigating out of scope for the site. If you click to install the site as an app when actually watching a video, it should work as expected.



I understand what you mean

I did the test here and it works.
It would be nice if it was possible to edit the url of an installed app, so that I would change the url to just "" and everything that came into existence after the bar ("/browse", "/watch") would be inside the scope.

Thanks for answering @johnjansen