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In Dev 89.0.767.0, I see a new 'Site info' pop-up whose design matches other recent innovations in the UI. It doesn't include the ability to view the site certificate - why not?



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I dont' know if this helps or not but I see a grey arrow on that poup beside connection is secure, have you tried that?
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@Deleted wrote:
...  I see a grey arrow on that popup beside connection is secure, have you tried that?


Thanks. Yes. It's another of those irritating UI elements that's just not visible in dark mode, but it just opens a pop-out with a brief explanation. However, looking again at the pop-out, I see that there is a certificate icon in its header bar that when clicked reveals the certificate as of old, so thanks for making me open my eyes.



You're welcome for that, you should send feedback that the dark mode or the blue theme you have from the store is making some UI elements very hard to see. Also make that the certificate icon is like that blue slider or some what. That some icons change color to match the theme.
This looks much better than what we have right now, hope to get it soon
Yup, I don't' see why we need a drop down. Except I change the settings like Balanced Strict. But it is just turn on. So toggle will better.

Just sent feedabck
Yeah indeed, good thing is that it's coming
Just hope that new certificate ui is much eaiser to use and get it more good in dark mode :(
Yeah true