[Simple question] Adblock like on mobile ?

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hey all, i just have a little question, on the mobile version we have an adblock integrated in the browser (with Acceptable ads (we can disable it if we want)), so i just want to know if edge will be too, (like brave/vivaldi/opera, ...) integrate an adblock.


Thanks for the answer



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@Wittycat We already have tracking prevention. But that would be nice :)
i want it because if it's integrated it use less ram and is more efficient than an extension :)
ublock origin would be my choice for integration
Integration of the ad blocker does not mean that it will be more efficient

@HotCakeX I agree with you. ublock origin is the best option. I'm now using it to lock. blocking tracking does not block ads on some sites. such as yutube. I think it's a good option to do as in the mobile edge. built-in ad blocker.

Doesn't block ads on YouTube? hmmm
blocking ads on YouTube is the main reason I use ublock origin. since the past few years, I haven't seen a single ad on YouTube videos thanks to ublock origin.
if you are seeing ads then honestly something must be wrong with your setup..


this is all ads, right now I'm watching something on YouTube




so many crap on YouTube that is being blocked.

make sure you haven't set any custom filter for YouTube and also make sure you haven't added YouTube.com to the trusted sites list.


this shouldn't be necessary but I have enabled all the filters in ublock origin settings.


one last thing, if you are using any other extension that does similar thing, like blocking stuff on websites or do some privacy-oriented task, try to disable them. chances are they might cause conflicts with ublock origin's work.

Actually i ask for integrated one because i have tested vivaldi before and after the adblock integration, and i have seen and benchmarked a better performance than ublock origin (since coded directly in the c++ and not an extension).
And since microsoft search for boosting it's speed (see the last canary test) it's a good way to gain a little.

@HotCakeX Thank you. everything works.

@Wittycat I'm saying it would be nice.