with work account?

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It seems that in the initial dev build release, a Microsoft account is required to sign in to the browser.  Do you plan to support work accounts as well?  I would expect edge to work with whatever account I use to sign in to windows.


For that matter, I believe Windows even supports signing in with google accounts now. Will edge support that as well?  

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If you'd read the tips screen that first popped up you'd see it's a known issue ;)

@natelaff Hmm, I did review that page, and even going back now I don't see any mention of known issues, but I'll take your word for it.  

You can also filter on the Known Issues, by clicking "Show all 12 tips" or by going to and clicking the link at the top of the table that says "Known Issues".

@Elliot Kirk  Thanks, that's what I was missing.  I would not expect Known Issues to be classified as 'Tips', and hadn't clicked through that button.  



I will let the folks who own the site know.
I'm sorry but the description of the know issue has nothing to do with the issue raised above and that I encounter as well:
The article talks about limitations of features with accounts such as Sync.

The issue I am seeing is that I can only sing-in with an MSA. A Work or School account option isn't available at all. Whereas colleagues of mine have the choice of signing in with either of those.

@Tony Behnam It is not possible to sign-in with your Work or School account yet. As you can see on here:

It is still listed as coming soon.

So sorry your colleagues may not be aware that they are actually loggin in with a MSA account and not an AAD account.

@nOrphf  @Elliot Kirk  Thanks but I think you didn't understand.

That page has only one known issue about signin and it is a problem about sync not available for Work or School account. No where does it say Work or School accounts are not supported for sign in.

KNown issues.png

Furthermore, my colleagues know perfectly well the difference between a Work school accoutn and an MSA. Our accounts linked to our corporate emails cannot be used as MSA. But that is not even the question here. My problem is that the sign in dialog offers me just the MSA option while their setup proposes both options as you can see in the screenshots below.

Is this clearer now?














@Tony Behnam I don't know how you co workers have gotten the option to sign in with Work or School not even the canary build can do this. Can you get them to sceenshot there "About Microsoft Edge" in settings?

It's listed here:

Comming soon.jpg

Sign-in/Sync is the same - If you can log-in you can sync. So when they write that sync isn't supported, they imply that sign-in isn't possible at all.

@Tony Behnam If you haven't found, then you can enable sign-in with Azure AD in edge://flags - But sync still isn't supported.


@Elliot Kirk Any timeline on when Sync with Azure AD will come?

Regards Lars