Sign in popup changed between 79.0.309 and 80.0.361.33

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I'm on the Beta branch and I've noticed since 80.0.361.33, there are some website where I can not use either the Edge password manager or a 3rd party password manager to sign in. 


On 79.0.309 the sign in window shows as which allows me to use a password manager



On 80.0.361.33 + it is the below where I can't. 




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- which website(s) are having the problem?
- which password manager do you use?

@HotCakeX  The main 2 I've noticed it on are both hosted internally (MIM Portal and BizTalk360) 


Screenshots above were taken today between the Stable and Beta release. 

For both sites, I use the Edge auto-fill passwords it stores.