and Sync on Edge-Linux

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If you are testing Edge-Linux, Microsoft  MSA sign-in and sync is now available via a flag. 


The flag is available on Dev 91.0.831.1, but not on earlier builds, so you will have to wait until Edge updates to the 91.0.831.1 build on your Linux distro before you can test it.  


Sign-in and sync are currently experimental, available only via flag.  Settings>Sync will not work unless the flag is set. 


Please read the article "Users can now sign-in and sync their favorites with Microsoft Edge on Linux!" before setting the flag.  The article describes how to set the flag and proceed to sync.  The article notes that the feature may present issues and gives instructions about how to back out of the flag/test if needed.  It looks like some of the issues might be serious.


All in all, though, this is long-awaited good news.

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Hi there


Been using Edge on linux ever since you could sign in. 


Had been fine, but have been signed out on LMDE Debbie. Now when you click on sign in to sync, nothing happens

I've deleted and reinstalled, nothing happens


I'm still logged in on android and also on debian 11


Just thought I'd mention it incase its a wider problem