Shy UI tab size bug

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Recently trying fullscreen browsing and Shy UI is really good but there is a bug I occasionally encounter. 

The said bug is that tab collapse to minimum size as if I opened 100 tabs but I only open less than 6 tabs which is the point where tabs start to collapsing as seen in the screenshot. When I click on other tab, the tab size will back to normal. 

Shy UI bugShy UI bug

I can't determine the cause of this bug. Sometime the bug happen sometime it doesn't at all. If anyone that encounter this bug can you share the experience here?

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Mine did the same thing the last couple of weeks upon exiting full screen view through F11@Limyx826 . I am now on Version 84.0.521.0 and this behavior seems to have been corrected.

@Jacques Van de Meerssche I gonna assume your channel is Canary since mine is Dev Version 84.0.516.1. Kudos to devs then. 

Might have been too hasty @Limyx826 . I am now on Canary Version 84.0.524.0 and the mini-tabs are there again.

it seem like this happen when you click on a tab when it is hiding, and why is it hiding idk

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