Shortcut file for PWA installed by Edge is not created

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When installing a PWA website such as Amazon or twitter in Edge(ver.88.0.705.63),
an icon is displayed in the start menu and it can be started, but the shortcut file is no longer created in the following path.
"C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\"


Depending on the OS version, the shortcut file will be created as before.
Is this a bug or a spec change?
Will there be no shortcut files in the future?


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Hey there @rsatoh44875, it looks like this might be covered by this Chromium fix - 1166362 - ShortcutsMenu isn't created. - chromium

Could you try adding a PWA in Canary (it's been validated there already) and confirm if this is resolved for you? 




Dear @Alexandra-R,

Thank you for your answer. When I checked with Edge of Canary (90.0.793.0), a shortcut file was created even with OS Build 19042.
In OS Build 19042 or later + Edge ver.88, PWA is registered like UWP, so I thought it was a specification change, but it was a bug in Edge ver.88, right? Is it? 


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@rsatoh44875 from the bug thread it looks like OsHookType::kShortcutsMenu set was omitted in the recent refactoring of the (Chromium) code, and this interacted with Edge/Windows in an unexpected way. This was definitely a bug =)

Thank you for the quick response.