[Shift + Delete] feature: increase Discoverability of clearing address bar history

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Most people do not know how easily you can remove wrong address bar results (i.e., accidentally going to the wrong website): press [down arrow] to the wrong result + press [shift + delete].


Why should Microsoft add a small text line (see screenshot) to tell users this key-combo:


  • It's a top casual user complaint: "I have all these wrong typos and wrong results in the address bar! It's so cluttered now."
  • Microsoft Edge C will be more "sticky" (i.e,. users will want to come back) and cleaner than Chrome, where casual users don't understand
  • It will remind all users how to immediately clear unwanted (ahem) history
  • Casual Chrome converts might assume Microsoft invented this feature! (joking)



Easy Solution: Microsoft should write "[shift] + [del] to remove" after users press down with the arrow keys; you can write it gray and small to avoid clutter.


More Intense Solution: implement a right-click context menu for address bar results that includes "Remove from browser history". 


I know MANY casual computer users who've mistyped something here (i.e, "Google Search - Facebook.con") when they wanted "Facebook - Facebook.com" and then it's stuck there forever. Example: I wanted to go to thesaurus.com when I type "synonym", but ended up at synonym.com (i.e., incorrect prediction for me).


Overall, shortcut key combos should always be noted.

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@ikjadoon Or adding an X at the end of each stored history item in the drop down could be another alternative.

Google Chrome Canary actually has two new flags:

  • Omnibox Suggestion Transparency Options
    Improves transparency of and control over omnibox suggestions. This includes UI cues (like a clock icon for Search History suggestions), as well as user controls to delete personalized suggestions
  • Omnibox UI Cues to Differentiate Search History Matches
    Shows UI cues in the omnibox to differentiate Search History matches from other search suggestions provided by the default search provider. This feature is a narrow subset of Omnibox Suggestion Transparency Options


I have no idea if these two are in Chromium.

This is no solution but is something for Microsoft to implement that would complement this.

Thank you @ikjadoon!  This is a great tweak that would help educate many users to functionality that already exists, but is rarely used. I have sent a pointer to this thread to the owner of the Address bar. I want to thank you for taking the time to try our new browser and giving us feedback to help make it better.

Yes, add an X button, but for clarity perhaps also include a 'tool tip' description that just says "Remove" or "Delete" if you hover over the X or long press with a finger or stylus.

@ikjadoon Very disappointing and frustrating that this is still not implemented.