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"Sharing" web pages no longer loads the options panel in Edge Beta (snip below from Edge).  Are others experiencing this?  (At least Edge Beta not crashing as it was a couple of weeks ago.)




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Thanks for reporting this. I found that the share flyout is working as expected in Dev Version 111.0.1660.2, so the next Beta release should get the fix. 


@Jeremiah-V thanks.  seems odd that is just stopped working.


 I have the same issue in Beta and Stable Edge browser. 

Any Solution out.

Same not showing anything in Stable version for me, just a blank pop out.

@Matthew_Bernstein     I downloaded and installed the newest version of Edge last night, 2-10-23, just before doing a complete shutdown and have found the same identical issue with the share button, as well as the share option on the dropdown menu. It has to be a coding problem. Very frustrating because this feature is one that I like most about Edge and that I use regularly. I also note that the feedback button at the bottom of any webpage is no longer working properly. Specifically, the popout will no longer let anything be typed into the description box and I can't enter my email address:sad:. I submitted both issues in a chat with Microsoft Support, [Case #:1049817766].


Finally, while I'm at it, I noticed starting a few weeks ago, that Edge began inserting a totally unrelated picture above the link URL and unrelated descriptive text (but related to the picture) below the URL...also very annoying. My workaround was simply to delete both...expedient for me but taking away from one of the best parts of using Edge and it's share feature because a good summary of what was being provided always accompanied the share link before it started doing this.


Hope the Edge team gets these things fixed soon so I can continue enjoying my favorite browser and touting it to everyone else!!

@Jeremiah-V Do you know when the next Beta release, the one you referred to, will be available?

very odd, and no change for 3-4 days now


I thought this sharing option was part of Edge, not some Beta experiment.
It still works in Edge, but not in Beta. The window (to choose sharing options) pops out, but it's blank.
Me too; the share is a favorite part of Edge; have had to go back to Chrome for that function.
yes, mine window is blank
Yes, I have the same issue in Stable and Beta is NOT working as it should. And, btw, it is still not working in either for me. Very same issues as I wrote in my original post above.
I just wanted to follow up here to let you know that the engineers are aware of this issue and that they're working on a fix.
That's good to hear. But don't you guys test this stuff when you make changes? This is not an obscure feature; this is something heavily used by many and was a competitive weakness when it was (originally) not available.
Sunday, 2/19/23 and mine's working again this morning; thanks to whoever fixed it.
Yes, thank goodness. It WAS NOT working in either version early this morning, EST. But I did notice about an hour ago that it was now working again...and in both versions. I'm so grateful to the engineers and everyone else who posted in support of this feature and getting it fixed!!
So well said, Matthew. Thank you for making this point. I tried to give you a thumbs up "like" as I also did innatelmwood but this blog is not recording the likes. Anyway...good news for all of us Edge fans that it is finally fixed. Hope it stays that way.
So yes...they have fixed the share feature so that it no longer displays a blank box. is still putting an unrelated, inappropriate picture above the URL and unrelated, inappropriate text below the URL. And yes, the delete button takes care of that. But having correct, related pictures and text certainly enhances the share feature and makes it more attractive to use. So we hope the engineers will soon fix this problem, too. Thanks.