SharePoint Online List Views Not Displaying Current Results 81.0.381.0

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I have a simple SharePoint Online page with ONE list is the background and multiple views on the page. At least one of the views seems to be "stuck" on a cached version; I can refresh that view, and the correct data appears. But when I refresh the entire page, the "old" (or seemingly cached) view reappears.


The page renders properly in "old" Edge and IE. (Perhaps) not surprisingly, Chrome exhibits the same bad behavior as Edge Dev...


The screen clip shows the two pages side-by-side with the "correct" data in the green box.

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Google chrome has the same problem? must be a Chromium problem then or could be a Sharepoint problem

Now I'm not so sure the problem IS browser-dependent.


I've activated Minimum Download Strategy which was (perhaps curiously) NOT activated.


So the problem is as simple as this: I open an item in a list, make a change, confirm it has "saved" and return to the main page that contains views of that same list. SOME views reflect the change; others do NOT until the view is manually refreshed.


I would EXPECT that ALL views affected by a record change would be refreshed when the container page reloads. That just doesn't seem to happen reliably.


I understand, you can also try posting it in Sharepoint section, more chance to find a fix or someone in charge of Sharepoint to look into the issue