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Share button only displays applications that are already installed on the computer as sharing options. This could be improved if it also displayed some sites, such as: Google Drive, Onedrive, Google Keep, Facebook site, Whatsapp Web, Gmail, etc ...
The Share button might have an option where the user himself could add sites by entering their URL:


Added URL:




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Asked for something similar long time ago, i think more people need to send feedback about it from the browser so that they will prioritize it



Yes. Feedback sent

yes if they can add win32 app to it will be cool, because when we want to send something with Signal desktop or discord they don't appear in the list (i have done the report some time ago no news from them)

@Deleted About the Win32 apps, it is up to the app developers to add support for Share to the apps. Yes, the team can add shortcuts to the apps and can make it user defined, but I think that not every website supports Share targets.