Settings synching goes off and on randomly

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I want to know if it's an intended behavior or is it malfunctioning? there is no reasonable pattern, sometimes it stays on and sometimes it becomes grey as if it's unavailable just like the rest of the sync options. it's been doing this for a month now.



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I have not experienced this @HotCakeX . I did some digging and did not find any bugs or support cases reporting on this behavior. My ask is to make sure you are on the latest Edge Insider build. 


If you still see this issue once you verified you are up to date (I know this is a big ask), can I get the below:

  • a screenshot of the grayed out Settings 
  • Version of Edge you are using
  • Platform you are running (Windows 10, Mac, etc.) where you see this behavior

Once I have a bit more info, I can drill down and investigate further.






do you mean that Edge developers haven't still enabled the settings synching? 

(p.s right now i checked and settings synching is grey, no more available like in the screenshot i posted.)


for the screenshot you asked, I already put it in my post above. 

my Edge canary is always updated to latest version.

I'm using Windows 10 pro x64 build 1903, all updated.


@HotCakeX sync works in Dev version. I am unable to reproduce your issue. Long as you are not on a work or student account, sync should work. 


I saw the screenshot of when it was enabled, but not when grayed out. Thanks for the details, I'll get a bug filed on this.






1. im using canary not dev.

2. im using normal microsoft account, not student or anything.

3. all of the Windows sync settings are turned on.


here is another proof:


Annotation 2019-06-14 033733.png