Settings Screen Comparison: Edge Canary ( vs Chrome Canary (77.0.385.0). Who wins out?

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The attached picture is a side by side comparison of the start screen of MS Edge Canary compared to Chrome Canary.  I believe this is one of those knock out wins. Microsoft Edge settings screen knocks Google Chrome out in one punch. Where Chrome is clunky and messy looking to the point of being borderline annoying we have Edge that is smooth, clean, and relaxing looking. The settings screen is one of the most important factors of a browser where users can get in, fix their settings, and get out without having to deal with a clunky mess or having to maze through a puzzle just to find one setting. Edge wins this one out (in my opinion) by a landslide. 


A side note: If anyone wants to add the settings tab to their favorite for fast easy one click access to their settings (like I did in the upper left hand corner) you can do the following. In the browser bar put in:  edge://settings/   than hit enter and the settings screen should come right up. Then click the star in the browser bar which will bring up the "Favorites Add" box in which case you can click on "done". Make sure you have your favorites set to "Show Favorites Bar". In the favorites bar, to move the saved pages around just click and hold the tab of that favorites and drag it where you like it (in front or behind other saved pages). I had mentioned in another post it would probably be a major plus if the Edge team (if able to be coded) added a permanent hard code one click settings icon. Maybe between the happy face and three starts or as a permanent far left favorite tab (like I have mine) right under the areas and refresh tabs for a fast one click way into settings. 

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Thank you for the kudos, @ItalianAce!  @IrinaL - Keep up the good work!

Yes it's because Google continue with it's one page, so it's more difficult to find anything in the settings.

The way Microsoft do is more clear.