Settings menu become very big

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With the last Canary version (550), some entries in the Settings menu have become huge .... To be corrected fairly quickly :smile:




And the width of the windows .... Far too wide

And for the Favorites menu, too





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@tistou +1. Same here.

same here either

Same thing with 551 :sad:

It's good with 552 ;)


If the team could reduce the width of the Favorites menu (have like it was before)




Compared to the one on the left, it's really very wide





Problem is back with Canary .564



@tistou Thank you (and everyone else on this thread) for bringing this to our attention. I confirmed that we have an open bug for this, and the team is actively investigating it! Please let us know if you see it in other channels or versions again.


(Editing to clarify: we don't have a fix in place yet but I will let you know when we do.)


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Thanks for your feedback 

Same thing in Version 85.0.564.0 canary.


It's good :)