Set Tabs Aside extension?


So with the prospect of the Set Tabs Aside arriving much later (or not at all as guessed by folks like I was wondering if anyone knew of an extension that provides the same function? Its the thing I miss most from classic Edge. When I'm researching something its crucial at the end of the day to be able to just save it all and walkaway, and honestly I don't care if that functionality is baked in to the browser or provided by an add-on. Thank for any recommendations.

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I use Session Buddy. I've used this when I had Chrome and then Opera as my browsers. It works really well and has a lot of options.


You can get it at




Thanks! That did the trick perfect. Its not as clean as the Set Tabs Aside in old Edge but it gets the job done!



@eric_1951but I think native tab aside feature is better than use extension, because it is more flexible and can be more powerful to get this feature rich than old edge

Hopefully they will add it, because otherwise i will stay with the old edge or just use chrome @GilesBrule 


I tried this and uninstalled immediately. Unfortunately, this extension does not restore navigation history of a tab. This is just same as saving all tabs to a favorites folder but with better(or worse?) UI.

I used it for a bit but it didn't really work for me in the end. Here's to hoping that they restore the built in set tabs aside. @PNvmkpk 



This is perfect. I cant wait for it to roll out to release.

Yay, hopefully it will have more improvements to it by that time
Still doesn't preserve navigation history of each tab. It's still utterly of no use to me (same as the previously mentioned extension for the same reason).