Set startup pages: open same specific urls in tabs every time Android browser starts

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I would like to be able to specify a list of urls that are opened every time Edge for Android launches. I don't mean remembering what I last had opened. I mean a configuration setting to give a list of urls that are opened on startup (with only these urls being opened).

I have tried to find this feature (which is common in desktop browsers) in many Android browsers but have not found any that support it which I find extraordinary - it is as if this feature is purposely being removed or left out perhaps as a requirement for being in the Play Store.

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I don't think Play store has set any restrictions for this particular feature,
I think it's the browsers that just don't have this feature on mobile,
Maybe the feedback and data they received from people showed that this feature is primarily used on desktop and not mobile,

there is a feedback button on Edge desktop and mobile, please use it to make sure your request is properly sent to the developers and registered :)