Set Edge as mailto: default handler

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Is there a way to use Edge as the default mail client? I tried setting it in Windows Settings, but not sure how to have it go to to compose the email.

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@Bruce_Roberts do you have this working? I have tried and doesn't seem to work as expected.

@Carlo Mendoza 

That's weird: for Gmail, I got a prompt when I clicked my first mailto: link. I didn't add any extensions and once prompted, I accepted and now Gmail opens in Edge Dev for mailto links.





With the new Edge based on Chromium, the procedure is the same that in Google Chrome:


- Toggle the “Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended)” to On in Settings.
- Sign in to your Gmail account.
- Click the handler icon in the address bar. It's on the right side, by the star. It looks like two overlapped diamonds. When you hover over it with the mouse, the pop up says “This page wants to install a service handler”.
- A pop up box will appear that says “Allow to open all email links?” choose Allow.

Done :)

@bitoleg I have followed your instructions, but no handler icon appears when I am on  I know I have the "Allow Sites" setting correctly set up because the handler does show up when on


Thanks for any tips you can pass on.

@bitoleg I was pleased to find these instructions and hoping that they would also work for web based O365 Outlook to become default handler for mail. But alas..... Anyone managed to find a way to make that work? Any way to make it work for mailto: links in other desktop apps too?


in firefox it's easy to handle but ms edge? There is a problem, that you can't automatically open mailto links INSIDE ms edge with gmail. I tried following:

in the newest microsoft edge (also chromium browsers like google chrome) it's under settings => cookies and site permissions => protocol handlers or in german einstellungen => cookies und websiteberechtigungen => protokollhandler

is there a better way?

is there no program for Windows to handle or manage mailto-Links?
A universal app could handle all protocol handlers inside + outside Browsers for mailto or href etc. to choose from a personal list :)