Serious Bug! Microsoft Edge Chromium crashes when using YouTube

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  • I have disabled all extensions.
  • The browser is on the latest version - Version 90.0.818.51 (Official Build) (64-bit).
    It happens especially when I have a YouTube video on full screen.
  • It can also crash when I have one YouTube tab open and not in full screen. It just takes longer to crash.
  • My computer dramatically slows when I am using Microsoft Edge Chromium. Everything takes longer to load, and programs such as Word and Spotify often freezes.


I never had this issue in March. It only started happening in April. 

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Try turning off hardware acceleration for now, I had the same exact issue and that fixed it for me.



In my case, codec "av01"(AV1) seems to cause the trouble. I'm not sure but "vp09"(VP9) nor "avc1"(h264) doesn't have this issue.
Uninstalling "AV1 Video Extension" app seems to solve it, however, I couldn't really uninstall this app since it will be re-installed automatically several hours later. :(
I'm using enhanced-h264ify extension to block AV1 for now.


I cannot see "av01" on YouTube today. If I block VP8/VP9/h264, "Your browser can't play this video" appears. Hmm...

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