Separate language input for each tab

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Hello guys,


I was happy to see the new Edge has been released, downloaded it, tried it, looks very promising.
One thing, that's still missing for me is the ability to select different input languages for each tab. This was available on IE, but never got to Edge, or at least I cannot find it.


So I'm really hoping I can have this, it would be great driver for me to get off Chrome.

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you can switch between different input languages that are on your Windows using these shortcuts:

Win key + Space
ALT + Shift

good thing about them is that they are universal, meaning they work on all apps and programs in Windows :)

@HotCakeX that's not my point really, maybe I did not explain enough.

Edge will not keep the language selected for a tab, like it would do for different windows.
If I want to use English in one tab and German, Bulgarian or something else in another, I need to switch constantly.

no I understood, Just saying that right now the easiest and quickest way is to use keyboard shortcuts.

also you mentioned "it would be great driver for me to get off Chrome."

does Google chrome have this feature?

"does Google chrome have this feature?"

No and that's why it will help me choose Edge instead.

The disappointing part is this was available on IE for a long time.

Yeah...more disappointing is that I couldn't find a Chromium extension to provide this functionality :\
it's a good feature suggestion though, hopefully devs will see this :)
Very useful feature.


Interesting and I recommend you to share this idea in feedback for Microsoft Edge.

Mentioned addons don't work anymore for the benefit of others who come this way. After months of searching I finally found something that works on all browsers. It is not an extension or addon it is a windows background app and thus has access to the needed functionality:

@Saviram I happened to move to a new PC to find that KeyLayoutAutoSwitch doesn't work so I went back to the source. I found a new version, it didn't work as well and then I recalled I also moved from Chrome to Edge. I tried on the Chrome and it worked so I dug a bit in the docs and apparently there is a Rules.xml file that lists the supported browsers and Edge is not there. It is explained to add the browser process name so I did and it WORKS! i.e. the process name is msedge