Separate Feedback and Diagnostic process from the main Edge insider's process

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When the Edge insider browser hangs, we can't use the feedback feature to record the problem and recreate it in order to send diagnostic data to the Edge team, why? because both of the Edge's and feedback's process hang at the same time.


i'm talking exactly about this:





the Edge process should be separated from the feedback and diagnostic process so when Edge hangs, the feedback process will still be responsive and record what's wrong with the browser and what element or website exactly caused the hang.

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@HotCakeX, I will send this suggestion to the feedback team, but it may be that the architecture of the feedback system prevents this from being a possibility.  Thanks - Elliot

Thank you, I don't know the specific technicalities but maybe if the Edge insider Feedback becomes a small standalone software on its own, separately installed at the same time with Edge browser setup, that would just work.