Sending pages to Edge Dev from other browsers

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Edge Dev is not yet in a state where I'd consider using it as my day-to-day browser (for one thing, I won't even consider using any browser as my main browser that doesn't keep favourite menus open after middle-clicking on a favourite in the menu), but to do a bit of testing on each new build it would help a lot if I could send pages to it from other browsers - especially from my current regular browser, Firefox, and maybe also from Google Chrome. Having to select the URL of a page in Firefox, copy it, start Edge Dev, then paste into the URL bar is rather tedious.


Now, here's the thing. In Firefox I have an extension that puts a button in the toolbar which, when clicked, opens Google Chrome on the web page I have open in the focused tab in Firefox; and another that, when clicked, opens regular Edge on the page that's open in Firefox (extensions 'Open in Chrome' and 'Open in MS Edge'). I have matching extensions in Google Chrome ('Open in Firefox' and 'Open in MS Edge') that open the currently focused tab in Google Chrome in Firefox or regular Edge. It's the fact that I can send pages from one browser to the other so easily - a single toolbar button click opens the other browser on the page I want to send - that makes having to go and open Edge Dev, then copy and paste URLs between the URL bars of another browser and Edge Dev so tedious by comparison.


What I would like to do, as I do not use regular Edge at all, is change the 'Open in MS Edge' extensions in Firefox and Google Chrome to open the current page in Edge Dev instead of regular Edge. But I can't figure out how. Both extensions contain, in their settings, an entry (blank by default) where one can specify the path to the Edge executable to be opened by the toolbar button that would override the default Windows 10 Edge install; but I can't actually find the Edge Dev executable to enter its path so that it starts instead of regular Edge. Anyone?

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I'm curious to know how you send web pages from one browser to another without copy pasting the page URL. (without any 3rd party extensions)

If you are complaining about a 3rd party extension then that extension's developer should be contacted.

is it really a regular thing to move pages from one browser to another? 


@HotCakeXI did say using extensions (and named both the Firefox and Google Chrome ones) in my post.


The issue is that they already contain, in their options, a method for choosing which version of the target browser they start and pass the page to. So, for example, when I installed the Google Chrome Beta and decided to use it rather than the Public main release, in the 'Open in Chrome' extension in Firefox, there is a parameter entry in the extension settings where I could enter the path to the Google Chrome Beta .exe, and so the button now loads the Google Chrome Beta browser with the webpage I have open in Firefox rather than the public Google Chrome.


So now I want to do the same thing with Edge, so that the Open in MS Edge button in Firefox opens Edge Dev rather than Public Edge. And the Open in MS Edge has the same settings with the same field for entering the path to the .exe of the wanted browser. Which is the problem - I can't find the Edge Dev exe to find the path to enter into the extension properties so it will load Edge Dev rather than public (in which I have no interest at all).


There is no reason to contact the developer - he has already included a settings option to deal with this exact thing. What I need is a piece of information about Chrome Dev, which does not appear to have been installed in Program Files like other browsers.


Up to now, dealing with just Firefox and Chrome, wanting to move a page from one browser to another was an occasional thing rather than a regular one. My normal browser is Firefox, but from time to time I would find some website that wasn't behaving, wouldn't display menus or accept text input or offer to save passwords etc, and so I'd click to have the page open in Google Chrome (Beta) to see if it worked there because of some specific naughty Google Chrome-only webpage design. But NOW I'd like to test Edge Dev a bit. It is currently NOT in a state for me to use it as my regular browser for normal browsing - it is currently missing some features I require for that. But in the hope it will mature to have those features, I would like to throw SOME pages over to it while I'm doing my normal browsing in Firefox to check how it does with this and that web page design feature.




So -can anyone tell me where the Edge exe is?


Or if there isn't an Edge exe that will start the browser when clicked on, is there some command line command that will start it with some web address as a parameter? I don't currently have a Firefox or Chrome extension installed that will provide a button that will execute a pre-defined command line command I can add in its settings, but I know I have seen some extensions that will do that while looking for others, so I can go that route if Edge Dev isn't like normal programs and doesn't actually have an exe.


 Edge canary is in here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application\msedge.exe

replace USERNAME with your Windows' username.


@HotCakeXIt wasn't there. But you telling me the executable name is msedge.exe, I've found it just with Search - it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\ . Thanks.


Problem with being permanently on brain scrambling medications for disability - I forget even the simplest things, and had only looked in Program Files ... forgot to look in Program Files (x86)!


Entering path in 'Open in MS Edge' extension settings ... and it works. Toolbar buttons in both Firefox and Chrome both now open the page being viewed in Edge Dev. Great. :happyface:


(And as the couple of my most used extensions in Google Chrome installed into Edge Dev from the Chrome store and are working fine, that should mean I can put buttons in Edge Dev to open the current page in Google Chrome or Firefox if I feel the need.)

Oh my bad I thought Canary and Dev would be in the same place but apparently not. anyways, glad that it worked out for ya :)