Searchbox on the 81.0.416.12 build does not follow applied theme's guidelines.

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The latest build of Edge beta channel appears to be visually intriguing as it shows a contrasting pure white search box all the time regardless of the custom theme that has been applied along with selecting a dark theme from the settings of the browser. 

Hoping to get some insight on this issue and if anyone else is facing the same problem.

I've attached a screen capture with this thread showing the search box. 


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Try unchecking this box in Windows 10 personalization settings and see if it fixes it (it's a workaround not Fix), so just for checking.




if it doesn't fix it, do this:


Try fresh installing it again (during uninstall, choose to delete user data when asked)

because I'm trying Edge Beta Version 81.0.416.12 (Official build) beta (64-bit) (fresh installed) and it doesn't have this problem.












Thank you for such a prompt response!

Unfortunately, the aforementioned "Title bars and window borders" option was unchecked already. Regarding the reinstallation process, I tried uninstalling edge and removing all the data and installing the latest build from the Beta channel website but to no avail, as the search-box remains blatantly white.

Also, Is there a repo or an archive that contains a list of all beta/stable edge builds where I could manually install an older version that does not contain this bug for me?


@Aayushh Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the community! If you haven't already, can you please submit feedback and a screenshot through the browser? (That would help our devs better identify the issue.)


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