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Please provide popular search engines in this list. it is inconvenient for the user to first search for something in their address bar and come back to this place to change this setting. All users cannot manually change this setting using Manage search engine > Add button. 

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Also, after changing this setting to a different search engine. when I come back to New Tab, Search engine is changed in the address bar but not in the search section. it would be great if the browser could also change [search with bing bar] in the middle of the page to the user selected search engine. We all love bing, but nobody is going to use that search section when they manually changed the search engine option using settings.



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A few thoughts on this:

I know bing is of course going to come as the default in Edge, but to be the ONLY option was a little disapointing when I first opened the Canary build today. It would be great if other common search engines were included as options in this list. I know I can go to those search engines and perform just one search and that will add them to the list so that I can then go back and set my preferred default, but that's a bunch of extra steps and honestly feels a bit like Microsoft is taking away user choice by not giving the choice in the first place and requiring so many steps just to get a new search engine to be your default. This is especially true for non technical users.

Further this search option is only respected by the address bar search functionality. There is also the search bar shown on the new tab page that cannot be hidden no matter how you chose to customize the new tab page. The search bar on the new tab page does not respect the default search engine chosen to be used for the address bar and this is very disapointing. I have been able to install Chrometana which is a workaround that does force the new tab search to use my preferred search engine, but this workaround feels unnecessary if the browser were to respect my user preference in the first place.
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@nemchik and @Deleted thank you for this feedback.  I will forward it on to the Search folks.  Is there anything that Bing can do make you feel comfortable using their search engine as your default?



@Elliot Kirk  No offense. i think it does not have anything to do with search engine. i like bing and i am using it. it is just bing is the only avaialble choice. Also when user manually change search engine option in settings,  search bar shown on the new tab page should respect user choice. Thanks.

I concur. I don't think the issue is a matter off "how can we make Bing meet your needs" but rather "how can we allow users to choose what meets their needs".

@nemchik, @Deleted I understand your suggestion. I was just trying to unpack if it was a problem with the search engine or if it was just having a set of selections available at installation time.  I will let the Search team and new tab team know about your feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to engage with us.  I really appreciate it.


Perhaps an alternative would be to have 2 more options in "Custom"

- Show Search with Bing (On / Off)
- Show Feeds (On / On Scroll / Off), to replace the current Show Feeds option which only does On / On Scroll.

allowing Edge's new tab experience to be customized down to blank page, but also allowing things address bar search doesn't do, like "Most visited sites" and "Image of the day", to be kept on as desired.


With respect to the search field in the new tab experience, in all my years using Chrome I've never gotten muscle memory built up for doing anything other than typing site title or search into address bar, since address bar has focus first, and type-ahead in address bar is faster than using "Most visited sites" since often you only have to hit one or two letters then Enter if you really do visit a site a lot! I find everything Chrome's tried in new tab experience a distraction, and I would love to see Edge allow users to tune distraction down a bit. Being able to turn the box off may also scratch the itch of the people who don't want to search with Bing.

(There are MANY Chrome extensions that blank the new tab page, by the way. But I don't think any particular extension can do Bing's "Most visited sites" and "Image of the day" for users who'd want to keep those... so being able to hide each part of Bing NTP, including the search box, should really be a feature of Bing NTP.)

@nemchik I have the same problem. I can add that is a little frustrating because if you search the same thing once in google and after that in the New Tab with Bing you get different results.

I just want to keep the same search engine in all my tabs. It is too much?

na verdade, é realmente estranho, porque na barra de endereços podemos procurar qualquer motor, agora na barra de pesquisa da nova guia apenas pelo Bing, fica estranho


Yes, I also agree.  I have my search engine set to google and that works from an address bar (even in a new tab), but the New Tab search box is still set to Bing.  I can't imagine the new Edge will ship this way as there will be major complaints.  Either just use the default search engine or allow it to be configured for a new tab.  @Bud_01 

Yes, please for the love of god just let the new tab be opened with a URL of choice.

This is why I don't use Edge.


@AndrewClough wrote:
Yes, please for the love of god just let the new tab be opened with a URL of choice.
This is why I don't use Edge.

You could alternatively set Home button to that URL of your choice and open it everytime. or just pin that page in the favorites toolbar and it will take one click (middle mouse button) to open it on a new tab.

@HotCakeXThanks - Yes that works but why have to have two mouse clicks when there could be a simple 'Open new Tab with this URL'? It just seems daft to me since this was a good setting to have in IE.



@AndrewClough wrote:

@HotCakeXThanks - Yes that works but why have to have two mouse clicks when there could be a simple 'Open new Tab with this URL'? It just seems daft to me since this was a good setting to have in IE.


Yes, I think your suggestion should be added in this settings page:



lots of vacant space left in there for more options

The problem I have with Bing as a the edge/IE default search engine, is that when you type an address in the address bar and there is a typo, it drops the entry from the address bar to the search bar in the middle of the screen and searches for it. Even if you type the https://. This is particularly annoying behaviour especially when it is an internal URL and specific to you your organisation. Bing won't find it. Now I must retype the entire URL again in the address bar. Now I am a great typist, but some one keeps moving the keys on my keyboard and this feature uis enough have any sane person committed. So that is the reason we change the default search engine from Bing to Google. With Google it understands that I am trying to type in a url and allows me to correct my typo in the address bar.

@topstan unfortunately, the final release is not adding value in this aspect. Just a complete crap.

The new tab page's search engine cannot be changed from Bing. It looks like something like a curse. Cannot remove, cannot alter. No choice over what search engine to show there.

this build is a hassle with the new search engine. i set up a shortcut to search with google when I haven't found what I need with Bing, which finds me what I need. nothing wrong with Bing but as a student, google is still more accurate. I like using Bing because of the ai help and extra trivia but not being to quickly use google is a massive pain and at the rate its going, I'm honestly contemplating of going back to the normal version; and if that gets screwed up like this, then to chrome.....