Search engine doesn't work when some websites are open in the tab


When I have a Google spreadsheets open in the tab and I go to the bar address and enter the key of a custom search engine (example map) that I normally use to go to "" then egde redirect my to and not "". Idem for other custom search engine : mov redirects to and not my custom search engine...


All extensions and user scripts are disabled.


edge version : Version 80.0.355.1 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

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are you using any flags that are changing the omnibox's behavior?

Sorry for the delay @HotCakeX .

I checked edge://flags/ and search for omnibox and everything is set to default

Oh it's okay :)
well it's just Edge then having this bug

Do you know how this can be fixed?

what happens when you paste " " right into your browser's address bar?

Also you can delete past autocomplete entries from the omnibox by highlighting them (using up/down arrow keys on keyboard) and then pressing this shortcut: SHIFT + DELETE

@HotCakeX  When I paste " right into my browser's address bar then I am redirected to . 

The problem is not in the redirection of address but in how my custom search engine are interpreted.