Search bar voice input now opens copilot on edge for android

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Hey all,


I'm running Edge 119.0.2151.65 on Android 13 (One UI 5.1, Samsung Galaxy s23). 


The problem is edge will open copilot if I click the microphone voice input button on the new tab start page or the URL/search bar in any tab. The result is co-pilot opens and starts listening to whatever I say even if I close copilot. It's a horrible user experience. 


Copilot is not fast enough to perform quick lookups and searches for things that I regularly use a search engine for. It's a less efficient at performing quick searches and looking up websites or definitions. It's frustrating because I regularly use voice input to search seamlessly. 


I switched to edge on all of my devices a few months ago, and I've been really loving it, but this is such a glaring oversight that I think I'm going to switch back to Chrome for now. 

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