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I am using version 80.0.361.9 of Microsoft edge dev.

I can not remember when it started but on a laptop when scrolling using the touch pad it always reads it as if I did a right click after the scroll when I go to move the mouse, if I do it over a link of some sort when I am scrolling YouTube it tends it also clink onto the link as well while also acting as if i was right clicking.

Is this just me or is anyone else also having this issue too.

(I am using the 2 finger gesture to scroll)

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Do you have a Precision Touchpad (PTP)?
No idea but I'm using a hp Spector folio, this is a relatively new thing that's been happening, I have been using the dev from the moment it was released and was fine ever since
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Thank you for this
Just so you know, if you go to Windows 10 Settings> Devices> Touchpad, it'll tell you if you have a Precision Touchpad.

It looks like you don't have a PTP. My laptop didn't come with PTP drivers and I disliked the Synaptics drivers so I installed the PTP drivers from Lenovo (not my laptop manufacturer and worked fine for me).
just a warning: Windows Central is hella slow without an adblocker
and a second warning: it may not work so just read everything through. the first drivers worked fine for me. Every feature update of W10 however updated the drivers so I had to reinstall the first drivers.
(i might just copy the above and plop that into the other discussion hehe)
Oh okay I wasn't sure what you was talking about, I believe I tried this already when I saw a video talking about the ptp was better but I wasn't able to get it to work and that was back in March I could try again but I am also part of the windows insider program so I get updates like 3 times a week so if it doesn't get updated with that I might just have to wait till the problem can get fixed. Luckily I'm using a 2 in 1 so I can use the touch for more of the scrolling