Scrolling improvements reverted

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Hi team and insiders,

The scrolling improvements seem to be reverted in build 86.0.572.0. Is it intended, are we seeing a new round of improvements being implemented or is it a bug?

Looping in @Deleted so that the feedback can be read by the team handling scrolling. 

Thanks a lot :)

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Also tagging in @Clay_Martin as he is the PM for scrolling and graphics on Microsoft Edge.

@Rohit Yadav Can you please describe the specific changes you've seen with scrolling? Additionally, are you seeing the same behavior in other channels?


And as always, if you haven't submitted them yet, the devs would love to see diagnostics for this. :)


Fawkes (they/them)
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@Deleted Hi,

I can see the scrolling as we had in the early days of the browser. The smooth scrolling seems to be gone as of the build 86.0.572.0. I haven't messed with any flags related to scrolling and can see this only in the most recent Canary build. I have submitted the diagnostic data through the browser as well.

Additionally, I should also mention that in the flags, I cannot find the flag for Smooth Scrolling. Maybe that's the cause for the issue?