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It would be nice if the scrollbar had the same look as in the original Microsoft Edge and other Windows applications (UWP, notepad, etc.): the scrollbar arrows were thin and the scrollbar itself had no margins

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We appreciate your feedback and have been looking into scroll and scrollbar design/features.




Personnaly i have activated edge://flags/#overlay-scrollbars Because i dont like a scrollbar visible when i don't move the page.

The overlay-scrollbars flag is now missing and cannot be enabled. This happen on the last Dev build and is still missing on Dev build released today. 

Is the #scrollbar-overlay feature coming back? It when missing...

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No exact date for when this feature/flag will come back, but I can tell you that the Engineering team has been looking into this feature already, and plan to take some action on it.


We appreciate everyone's patience,



If this is brought back,there's another good reason for using Edge over Chrome and Firefox.Waiting sincerely.
Hopefully at least Edge team will bring the flags back.

Still having scrollbar autohide is nice since it give us a bit more room to the page and looks cleaner that way. When using touch, scrollbars are not really needed. Even for touchpad and mouse users when scroll wheel already a common thing.

I think only when you hover your mouse where the scrollbar is is when you can have the traditional scrollbar. For touch, when scrolling and you touch the scrollbar, then you can also drag it with touch.

Please bring this auto-hide scrollbar back
WHY did you remove edge://flags/#overlay-scrollbars? Are you guys serious? The current scrollbars are so ugly. Bring those "invisible" scrollbars back, it's not 1995 anymore and I don't want to look at this old-fashioned scroll bar all the time. I know it may sound stupid to many people, but might actually push me away from Edge. PLEASE give us back the overlay scrollbars flag.

@V-FRROME Any update on the #scrollbar-overlay returning? 

Any updates?

@archtech I came across this flag (edge://flags/#edge-overlay-scrollbars-win-style) that enables the windows/UWP style scroll bars, Version 94.0.992.31

Great to have this feature flag back!